Fish Processing

Leave your processing to us!

Natures Ventures ensures that your fish is processed correctly for quality and safety. Our packing and flash freeze process protects your fish up to 3 years, so when you take it out of the freezer and it tastes just as wonderful as the day you caught it. Process your fish immediately to lock in and ensure the freshest flavor! Cleaning, skinning and filleting, cut to size (1 or 2 lbs each), vacuum packing, and flash freezing at -30° F, prior to packing your catch for worldwide shipment. We provide storage up to 5 days at no charge for fish all your fish processed with us.*

Please check with your airline ahead of time for weight and quantity restrictions.

We also provide Overnight and Second Day shipping with FedEx.

* After 5 days you will be charged $15/day for storage

Our Process Includes:

  • Cleaning
  • Skin and Filet
  • Cut to Size
  • Vacuum Pack
  • Flash Freezing (Natures Ventures only uses Flash Freezing)
  • Storage up to 5 Days (if you need it)
  • Salmon, Rockfish, & Lingcod $1.60 per lb.
  • Halibut $1.50 per lb.

Packaging Available for Worldwide Shipment

  • Packaging in 51 lb.- 65 lb box $26 + Shipping & Processing
  • Packaging in 26 lb. – 50lb or less box $25 + Shipping & Processing
  • Packaging in 25 lb. or less box $20 + Shipping & Processing

**FedEx Shipping available for overnight or 2nd day delivery. **As a side note, the flash frozen fish does not unfreeze prior to arrival. We do not sell you ‘cold or frozen’ gel packs, as the fish is frozen more solidly than a gel pack. Gel packs actually thaw faster than the fish. Shipping prices vary depending on destination.

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