Big Game Hunting

The Hunt of a lifetime!

Natures Ventures arranges your trip to the best Black Bear territory on the Kenai Peninsula. The hunting grounds are among the most populated for Alaskan Black Bears on the Kenai Peninsula. You will head out across Kachemak Bay by boat and this gives us the ability to hunt different areas along the coast. The preferred method for hunting Black Bear is by skiff, called Spot and Stalk. This method of hunting is available from April until early June. Fall hunting along the coasts of the Kenai Peninsula are now available as well.

By using the Spot and Stalk method from a skiff, it allows for larger territory coverage, and we have the best guides available to help ensure your success!

**Also available, unguided Spot and Stalk with only transport provided.

If Caribou is what you are after, our guides will be honored to share their secrets with you. Pack out into the mountains, and bring your camera to snap a shot with your trophy worthy game!

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